Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day 08: A song to which I know all the words

After a week of struggling to figure out which song best fits the listed requirement, it's a relief to finally reach a category as completely-arbitrary as this one. As, I suspect, with almost anyone who's ever listened to music in a more than passing way, there are so many songs - indeed, so many whole albums - to which I know all the words (just about every CD I owned between the ages of 15 and 20, for a start) that there's really no limit to what I could post here.

Besides, I've just got home at a little after 3am, having spent the last 8 hours or so at an Autechre show which was, as I believe the kids used to say back when I was one, absolutely banging.
So, to be honest, I'm in absolutely no fit state to be writing a lengthy blog post, especially when I still haven't watched the first episode of the new season of Doctor Who, which I'd frankly rather be doing right now. So, with a minimum of ceremony, and in lieu of every other song I know the words to...I'm going to take the piss. But only a little.

And when I have some words
this is the way I'll sing
through a distortion box
to make them menacing

Yeah, then I'm gonna have to write a chorus

we're gonna need to have a chorus
and this seems tobe as good as any other place
to sing it till I'm blue in the face"

Still makes me giggle. Good night all, I'm off to watch the debut of the Eleventh Doctor. Hopefully there'll be a slightly more substantial post tomorrow.

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